Discover your sign in the Mayan horoscope and what it says about you

Unlike the Greek horoscope, the Mayan had 13 signs in total instead of 12 and their main reference was the Moon instead of the Sun. However, many features of the Mayan signs coincide with the western signs we know.

By Anabel Anduaga

Nov 20, 2019
Photo: Molly Stephey/Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

It is very interesting to discover that different cultures around the world – Greeks, Romans, Celts, Chinese, Chaldeans- separated not only in distance but by time, coincide in saying that the stars have an influence on the personality of human beings according to their date of birth and sign.

The Mayans, considered great astronomers and mathematicians, also created their own horoscope. Unlike the Greek horoscope we know traditionally, they divided their own into 13 parts instead of 12. This is because the Mayans gave more importance to the Moon that the Sun. Thus, their year was divided into 13 lunar cycles of 28 days that gave a total of 364 days. The last day, the 365th, they named “Day of time outside of time” and dedicated it exclusively to celebrations.

Each sign represents a specific animal that shows the characteristics of a person according to the day they were born.

Which is your Mayan sign?

TZOOTZ (BAT) – From July 26 to August 22 – It resembles Leo

Charismatic and leaders by nature. They have a lot of energy and enthusiasm for life, so their character is strong from the time they are children. Due to their great self-esteem, they achieve important job and social positions. They are usually good friends and protective partners but they will always need to feel free and independent to get the best out of themselves.

DZEC (SCORPION) – From August 23 to September 19 – It resembles Virgo

Observant and analytical by nature. They love to follow customs and rules, so leading a traditional life makes them feel full. Their words are well received by the people around them since they speak calmly and objectively. As for their relationships, they show their love by helping others.

KEH (DEER) – From September 20 to October 17 – It resembles Libra

This sign has a highly developed sense of aesthetics and sensitivity, so they can be great artists. They also like to live in harmony and have no difficulty demonstrating their feelings to the people around them. They are great seducers but at the same time sweet and elegant, so they attract people easily.

MOAN (OWL) – From October 18 to November 14 – It resembles Scorpio

Intuitive and wise by nature, however sometimes they live too much in their inner world. They are very good counselors and gifted listeners, so they can be great psychologists. Their emotions are intense and they can be volatile at times. However, they are very social and like to have a close circle of people who they trust.

KUTZ (PEACOCK) -From November 15 to December 12 – It resembles Sagittarius-Capricorn

They like to attract attention and occupy a high social and employment level. They seek perfection in everything they do, so they are usually extremist, but very original and creative indeed. They live in the present and it is easy for them to see the positive side of everything but without losing the push to improve and face both labor and personal challenges.

KIBRAY (ALLIGATOR) – From December 13 to January 9 – It resembles Sagittarius-Capricorn

Simple and adaptable by nature, they are optimistic people with whom it is easy to relate. They don’t like feeling pressured or being told what to do, and they prefer to take the time to analyze and think before acting. This makes them good researchers or workers with attention to detail. They are prudent and shy, so they seek relationships based on respect.

BATZ KIMIL (MONKEY) – From January 10 to February 6 – It resembles Aquarius

It is the funniest Mayan sign of all, never losing touch with your inner child. They live in the present and are full of optimism. For them, having a large group of friends is important and feeling accompanied is vital. They are good at jobs where they have to organize events or be in touch with people. Sometimes they like to be the protagonists.

COZ (FALCON) – From February 7 to March 6 – It resembles Pisces

Spiritual and perceptive, with strong personalities that those around them respect for their serenity and wisdom. They occupy commanding positions and jobs that carry authority with ease, but they never step over those around them. They have deep and honest feelings, so they are excellent couples and parents.

BALAM (JAGUAR) – From March 7 to April 3 – It resembles Aries

They live their lives with a lot of passion, so they sometimes put themselves at risk. They constantly look for situations that challenge them. They have a strong personality that generates respect and are natural-born leaders. They need to have constant physical activity to release the energy they have inside.

FEX (FOX) – From April 4 to May 1 – It resembles Taurus

Hardworking and responsible, they seek stability and comfort in their life and in the people around them since they are very attached to their family and friends. They like to help others whenever they have the opportunity and do so unconditionally. As a couple they are loyal and respectful, sometimes a bit temperamental.

KAN (SNAKE) – From May 2 to May 29 – It resembles Gemini

Intelligent and curious people by nature, always in constant learning and doing different activities. They like to be admired and respected, something they easily achieve thanks to their natural sensuality. They look for loving couples and in fact, being in a couple is essential for this sign. Laborwise, they are good writers or teachers.

TZUB (SQUIRREL) – From May 30 to June 26 – It resembles Gemini-Cancer

Hardworking and expressive by nature, this Mayan sign constantly seeks contact with other people, which they achieve effortlessly for their sympathy and good humor. They are unconditional and sincere friends. They are easy to speak to and know how to express their feelings. Sometimes they can be impulsive, especially when it comes to handling financial issues.

AAK (TURTLE) – From June 27 to July 25 – It resembles Cancer

For this sign, relationships and family are paramount, so they enjoy their time at home. They are hardworking and persevering. For them, a fair and comfortable working environment is important. They enjoy working in ecological or nature-related issues. They can become a bit introverted, especially in relationships, but once they have a partner, they are very faithful and stable.

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