The full moon influences our energy. But what does it mean?

On September 13 or 14 -depending on where you live- this astronomical phenomenon can have profound effects on people and nature.

By Anabel Anduaga

Sep 12, 2019
Photo by Tom Fisk from Pexels

Many ancient civilizations around the world were devoted observers of the stars and their movements. Mayans were no exception. During this civilization’s Classic period, they created a system of lunar months, which they used to perform accurate astronomical calculations.

When the Spaniards arrived in America, Mayans already had a very precise calendar in place. As explained by Bishop Diego de Landa in Relation of the Things of Yucatán, “it consisted of 365 days and 6 hours. Months were divided into two categories: the first lasted 30 days, which they called u’, the word for Moon; the second category lasted 20 days and was called winal jun ek’eh.

Other civilizations delved deeper into the meaning of the Moon and its influence on nature and people. First, the Babylonians, and later the Greeks and the Romans. They split the sky into 12 parts and named the constellations we know today. 

What exactly does the full moon mean according to classical astrology?

Everything in the universe is in motion. Thus, once a month the Sun and the Moon “face” each other when they are on the exact same mathematical degree in the sky but in opposite constellations. This is called opposition.

According to classical astrology, the Moon gets a specific influence as it passes in front of a certain constellation. Right now the Sun is in the constellation or sign of Virgo, therefore the full moon of September 13 will be at 23:33 (GMT-5), in Pisces.

Image: pxhere.com

What is the energetic meaning of this phenomenon?

All full moons, regardless of the sign in which they occur, mark the end of a cycle that began six months earlier (when the new moon was in that same sign). Therefore, this moon in Pisces closes a cycle that began in March.

Over the past six months, you might have become aware of the areas of your life that require healing. With the closing of this cycle, everything is seen under a new light, allowing you to identify toxic patterns that obstructed your personal growth. It’s an invitation to free yourself from your ego; to part from the notion of being always right in order to empathize with others, connect with your emotions, and listen to your intuition.

You will probably see your fantasies crumble, but all those fantasies generated was fog that kept you from seeing the way forward. Now is the time to accept reality as it is and start planning ahead without waiting for someone else to “rescue you” or for things to fix themselves.

Moreover, this full moon is not alone. Two other planets load it with energy and strength: Neptune in Pisces, opposite Mars in Virgo. It will be Mars who gives you that necessary impulse to act. You will realize that you have the tools to generate the change you have been longing for.

The energy of the full moon in Pisces will continue to be felt until September 28, when the New Moon is in Libra.

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