2020 would be a year for reconnection

As we start a new decade, we believe people need to disengage from a hectic world in order to be able to reconnect with nature, art and ancestral wisdom.

By Alejandro Ruelas

Dec 24, 2019

Well, there goes another year. As we wrap up 2019 and we look back at the last ten years, it’s hard not to perceive there’s a need for change. Indeed, we are walking out of a confusing decade.

The world is in turmoil. All around us we hear all sorts of news about convulsed nations, polarized peoples and a general state of, it would seem utter chaos. In an era of perpetual connection, we are perpetually tuned to reality so complex that it’s easy to feel lost, confused by a relentless stream of events that’s way beyond our control.

It’s also easy to feel alone. The irony of our superconnected era is that people all over the world feel increasingly isolated. Depression and anxiety rates are through the roof. Lack of empathy is evident in an extremely politicized world. Young people are either withdrawing from life in the community as they face a future that has never looked more uncertain.  


There is a need to disengage from the ungraspable speed of everyday life in order to focus our attention back on what’s real. Our minds are craving something authentic away from the intangible world created by technology. In short, we need to disconnect to be able to reconnect. 

We need nature. At a time where ecological issues feel like a threat to tomorrow, we must revalue the environment as the pillar to human existence. We need the peace of the trees and the certainty of feeling we are one with our planet.

We need our roots. There is precious wisdom in the tales of our ancestors. We must reclaim their ways and recover their teachings to find meaning, to nurture our identity, and to heal. 

Art, SFER IK Uh May

We need art. Artistic creation is the most effective tool we have to make sense of an apparently indecipherable reality. We must let our intuition and sensitivity guide us and let art show us beauty in chaos. 

We have hope. In the coming decade, we wish for people to find unity and kindness around these pillars. We wish to be filled with hope by projects that can build a brighter future. And of course, we are ready to share our philosophy and welcome everyone to a sanctuary built to reconnect with nature, with each other, and with ourselves.

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