Science confirms contact with nature is good for your health

Reduced stress, heightened awareness, and a more settled mental state are some of the benefits of spending time in nature.

By Alejandro Ruelas

Nov 13, 2019

We need nature. This we know. But as it turns out, not only we need clean water, air, and food, we need it to stay mentally sound. 

A recent study found that spending a couple of hours in nature can boost your mental and physical health. According to research conducted in England by the University of Exeter, two hours in nature significantly improved mental well-being and overall life satisfaction. 

AZULIK Corridors
AZULIK corridors

After interviews conducted with 20 thousand people, scientists found a strong link between exposure to nature and better health and well-being. All interviewees responded positively to contact with nature, regardless of age, social status or place of residence. 

Reduced stress, heightened awareness and a more settled mental state are some of the benefits. Results were so conclusive that some doctors are already calling to add it to standard health recommendations in the UK, along with exercise and 5 veg/fruits a day.

This study confirms humans need a connection with nature. Whether it’s taking a walk in the park, going for a hike on the hills or simply relaxing while you enjoy the peace of the jungle and the sea, reestablishing that primal contact with nature has now been scientifically proven to be fundamental.

At AZULIK, we know the importance of that bond. This is why we have created a sanctuary where nature is an integral part of our idea of wellness and healing. We recognize it as an essential ingredient in our goal to reconnect people with the environment, each other and themselves. 

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