AZULIK’s search for new paths in harmony with nature

Nature is our guide and our teacher. This is how we have developed a creative concept that respects and protects the environment.

By Janelle Zara

Oct 3, 2019

In nature, the central pillar on which AZULIK stands, there are answers to all questions — it’s only up to us to receive them. The wisdom of our ancestors tells us that if we surrender the ego and open our senses to nature, miracles occur, and solutions arise. 

At AZULIK, this is our creative method. We look to nature as a source of knowledge, healing, and life. Nature provides the tools — the bamboo and bejuco for us to build, and the air and water for us to survive. Nature also provides the plan. The forest is an intelligent network, a harmonious, collaborative system between the sun, the earth, and all living things. In this continuous flow of energy, the trees themselves possess healing powers and wisdom that grows with the passage of time.

The beauty of nature is our aspiration, and so AZULIK is a project that has grown gradually, continuously exploring new paths of discovery as they present themselves. An our paths are winding. Straight lines are a human invention; where nature unfolds in its own shapes, patterns and asymmetries emerge as a truer form of perfection.

Our greatest resource grows all around us, and so we continue learning, taking notes and also providing care. We build knowing that destruction is not inherent to creation, striving towards making our structures lighter, greener and more flexible as we aim to minimize our harm.

We would like AZULIK to be a sanctuary for all living things, especially those who came before us. We make space for the animals to crawl below, and for the trees to grow inside; rather than cut down the source of our intelligence, we show them respect by inviting them into our home, so that they may continue their journey.

It is essential that we take responsibility for our place in this world, and that we never cease to be inspired.

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