AZULIK Residences is the group's first initiative in housing development, led by Roth Architecture


May 2, 2023

AZULIK Residences is the group’s first initiative in housing development, led by Roth Architecture, and as part of its coherence and creative process, it seeks to reinterpret the conventional way in which construction and design have been approached in contemporary cities and buildings.

The architecture of AZULIK Residences questions and seeks to awaken reflection, it maintains its design philosophy by integrating the biomimetic forms, the handmade details and a permanent dialogue with the natural word. Thus, the spaces share organic transformations as the user who inhabits them.

The forms are erected in continuous movement, architectural shapes that avoid lines and right angles, to establish a positioning from the design: permanent fluidity. Roth Design’s interior design studio will offer a customization service for the furniture, as well as for the decorative and artistic pieces that accompany it.

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