A new chapter for AZULIK starts today. This is our story

The tribe of the blue wind is flying towards new horizons, and we want you to continue with us on this journey.


Oct 10, 2019

More than 20 years ago, we launched AZULIK Tulum out of a need to rethink our contemporary life based on three essential pillars: respect for nature, the revival of the ancestral wisdom of native cultures, and art as a sacred, transformative experience. Out of these central values, we created a hotel where travelers could find sanctuary, a space to reconnect with themselves, with others, and with nature. 

Over the years as word spread, our tribe began to grow, and so did AZULIK Tulum. Our spheres have grown beyond hospitality to include gastronomy, healing, fashion, art, architecture, and technology. Today, in our growth and desire to move the world towards a lasting legacy of consciousness, we realize that AZULIK Tulum has taken us farther than we could have dreamed. Moving forward, as we look to new locations in the world to share our message, we will now go by one name: AZULIK

Under this new name, AZULIK is not limited by geographical or conceptual bounds; it allows us the space to move and expand where inspiration strikes. We subscribe to the theory that art exists before it’s realized by the artist and that it’s the creative impulse that’s in search of the right person, not the other way around. It’s a phenomenon that can go by many names — the Eureka moment, the duende, the divine inspiration — and we look forward to where it may take us next. 

That is the story of AZULIK. 

AZULIK in Uh May

Within the expansive AZULIK universe, all of our projects and initiatives will keep their names:

  • Kin Toh, Cenote and Tseen Ja, our three gastronomic destinations
  • AZULIK Healing, which includes holistic wellness, ancient rituals, and a beauty sanctuary
  • ZAK IK, our fashion and apparel boutique
  • Aníkena, our fashion brand
  • SFER IK Museion, a creative sphere comprising exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies, and interdisciplinary projects
  • and AZULIK Uh May, City of Arts.

The tribe of the blue (AZUL) wind (IK) is flying towards new horizons, and we want you to continue with us on this journey, to explore new ways of understanding this reality together, and to create other possible worlds. 

Thank you for being part of this dream and flying with us under this blue wind. 

In Lak ‘Ech.

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