How a seed and good intentions can change our world

Flamboyant seeds are a token of kindness to remind our guests that good deeds yield love.

By Isha Osuna

Sep 4, 2019

AZULIK’s philosophy allows us to share ancestral knowledge and the experience of coexisting with nature. Its habitable sculptures are ideal platforms to look for reconnection through our senses and spirit.

We are on a mission to strengthen the links with ourselves, others and the environment. In order to further advance in this commitment, we created the Seed of Good Intentions, a tropical flamboyant tree seed protected by a recycled paper skin that is given to each of our guests. 

This seed is a token of kindness to remind our guests that good deeds yield love. It represents an opportunity to plant trees charged with good energy that can heal the vibrations of their surroundings. 

Flamboyants can adapt to many different environments. With proper care, they can grow into beautiful trees with extravagant orange flowers. During six months every year, its buds will open and attract bees and other insects who become part of a natural pollination cycle.


Through these presents, our tribe seeks to enhance the experience of AZULIK’s visitors. We encourage interaction with the beautiful tropical surroundings and invite you to take a piece of this paradise home. They are a physical representation of our interdependence with the environment and an opportunity to give something back.

Let’s make this world into a work of art. If we understand that we are all part of each other, that we are all profoundly interconnected, we will become more conscious beings motivated by love. At AZULIK we want to spread this message. Take a seed with you and let the good intentions you found here grow wherever you call home. 

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