Hacking the sun: putting solar power in the hands of communities

As we try to restore balance with the environment, it’s vital to bring technology closer to the people. Solar power can do that.

By Alejandro Ruelas

Oct 30, 2019

Technology is vital for human welfare. It has made us safer, helped us fight diseases, and improved our livelihoods. Now we are trying to use it to promote a more sustainable form of development and restore balance with the environment. And solar power can be one of our best tools.

As part of an effort to bring green technology closer to the communities of the Yucatán Peninsula, AZULIK is hosting free workshops where people from local villages can learn how to build their own solar panels. AZULIK provides the materials and people gain access to clean energy.

“We are basically hacking resources”, says Diego Favarolo, scientist and entrepreneur CEO of Space AI. “After the first day, some of the guys were already charging their phones and turning lights on with their newly assembled solar cells. That’s the goal of this exercise”. 

Favarolo, who’s leading AZULIK’s technology projects, has taught three of these workshops so far. The goal is to make solar power commonplace in the region, whose communities would highly benefit from having a cheap and reliable energy source they could install themselves.

AZULIK is moving towards a new chapter in its history. Part of this evolution is the deployment of projects that put technology at everyone’s disposal. Through them, we to seek balance sustainability and improving living standards of our wider community, while driving socially and ecologically minded development in the region.

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