Diego Favarolo, the man who is guiding AZULIK to a new technological era

One of Silicon Valley’s most disruptive entrepreneurs is now deploying a number of hi-tech projects for a company that’s ready to jump into the future. Favarolo knows how to lead a revolution.

By Alejandro Ruelas

Sep 18, 2019

Diego Favarolo likes to walk barefoot. As he strolls casually around the paths and bridges of AZULIK, contemplating earthly creations, you probably wouldn’t guess that he spends most of his days thinking about something else entirely. Some of them not even on this planet 

The founder and CEO of Space AI is taking AZULIK to a new technological era. One of Silicon Valley’s most disruptive entrepreneurs, he is now deploying a number of hi-tech projects for a company that’s ready to jump into the future. 

Favarolo knows how to lead a revolution. When was 18 years old, the Argentine co-founded Bumeran, an online job searching platform that became one of Latin America’s top 10 technology companies. Later on, he helped launch DIY Rockets, an initiative whose objective was to “destroy rocket science and turn it into a free file that you can download from your home computer,” Diego told Forbes Argentina.

DIY Rockets ran an exercise to design a spacecraft capable of carrying a Cubesat to the low Earth orbit. Anyone could participate under a simple set of rules: the blueprints had to be open source and the engine must be 3D-printable. The results were 10 engines developed in four months in collaboration with some of the US top universities and even NASA

Hi-tech horizons for AZULIK

He called the model “distributed technology development” and received a nomination to the World Technology Network awards for it, alongside Elon Musk. With that same mindset, Diego has now turned his attention towards AZULIK, where he intends to run some equally exciting projects. 

“Together we are creating an Ancestral Smart City,” says Roth, CEO and founder of AZULIK, who invited Diego on board. The project, which is currently being built in the jungle of Francisco Uh May, Mexico, will encompass ancestral wisdom, respect for nature, and innovative technology. 

The vision includes self-driving vehicles, ecologically minded architecture, and communication with a satellite network currently under development by Favarolo. Moreover, they are inviting the local community to participate in technology workshops. In one of these recent classes, the people of Francisco Uh May learned to build their own solar panels, giving them access to reliable clean energy. 

New horizons are opening for AZULIK. As Diego Favarolo walks calmly surrounded by nature, a hi-tech future becomes clearer not far ahead. 

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