SFER IK unveils its new contemporary art exhibition, ALLIGA

World-renowned artists explore the causes of seaweed proliferation in the Caribbean at SFER IK’s fifth exhibition.

By Alejandro Ruelas

Sep 12, 2019

SFER IK Museion, the premier destination for contemporary art in Tulum and Francisco Uh May, presents its fifth exhibition, ALLIGA. Through evolutionary aesthetics, it explores the issue of seaweed proliferation in the Caribbean and its ecological and evolutionary causes.

The exhibition, now on view at SFER IK in Francisco Uh May through January 31, 2020, features works by Cecilia Bengolea, Aki Inomata, Sissel Tolaas, and Ernesto Neto. Their work expands on the narrative developed throughout previous exhibitions, which explores the relationship between art and nature. 

“Viewers are invited to enter a multi-sensory realm that offers a holistic comprehension of seaweed’s environmental causes and impact,” notes SFER IK’s Curator and Creative Director Claudia Paetzold.

As part of the exhibition, Japanese artist Aki Inomata presents her acclaimed video piece Think Evolution #1: Kiku-ishi (Ammonite), 2016–17. It features a cephalopod inhabiting a 3D-printed replica of an ammonite shell, a metaphor of symbiosis between man and nature.

Norwegian artist Sissel Tolaas presents sarGASsum_2019. This site-specific olfactory installation contains smell molecules from algae collected along the Riviera Maya. Through this sense, the artist seeks to open a different channel of perception that is rarely activated in contemporary art.

Paris-based Argentinian artist Cecilia Bengolea presents clay sculptures produced at SFER IK’s ceramic workshop, which reference species of seaweed and fantastical creatures. Together, they transform the exhibition space into an immersive aquatic sphere.

Ernesto Neto completes the experience with his permanent installation Every Tree Is a Civilizing Entity. This delicately woven cotton crochet tree points to the deforestation of the Amazon as a cause for seaweed proliferation. Thus, Neto prompts viewers to experience the creative sphere as a new evolutionary space.

“The Museion continues to expand its mission of articulating artistic creation and nature”, points out Roth, Founder of SFER IK. “We’ll keep on fostering an insightful dialogue on environmental topics where contemporary art operates as a catalyst for change.”

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