SCENO by SFER IK will focus on experiential immersive art activations

This new initiative is launched in Tulum with Data Garden installation, workshops, innovative performances, and an alchemic dance soiree.


Jan 16, 2020

Over the weekend, SFER IK, the premier destination for art in the Yucatan Peninsula founded by visionary and social entrepreneur Roth, launched a new initiative at its Tulum-based location: SCENO by SFER IK. The space was inaugurated with a Plant Intelligence Series, a bespoke program of activations and workshops curated by SFER IK’s Artistic Director and Curator Claudia Paetzold. The weekend culminated with an alchemic dance soiree, with the participation of artist Cecilia Bengolea.

The multidisciplinary sequence of offerings gravitated around an installation by Data Garden—an LA based artist collective using technology to translate plant biorhythms into audio so participants can, effectively, listen to plants—which was activated by guided plant meditations and innovative plant music breathwork for visitors to the space. Highlights included an interspecies concert with singer Pascale Caristo and an introduction to the cosmic healing forces of plants with green alchemy practitioner Gabriel Zapata.


“The increasing desire for experiential content paired with the intrinsic properties of Roth’s architecture—which invites us to envision spaces as interfaces—led us to open this new sphere for immersion, connection, and exploration,” said Claudia Paetzold, Artistic Director and Curator of SFER IK.

“The inaugural Plant Intelligence Series allows to connect us with the vibration of the fabric of life which is one of the fundamental parameters weaving through all of our projects,” added Roth, founder of SFER IK.

SCENO by SFER IK will focus on experiential and immersive art activations comprising audio, visual and olfactory elements. The space invites the audience to expand the spectrum of their sensory perception, redefine their spatial stance and become attuned to the rhythm of nature so as to eventually reconnect with their original creative impulse.

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