Last days of Alchemistry, the exhibition that explores human evolution

SFER IK in Tulum is about to say goodbye to the inspiring work of Kelly Akashi, Bianca Bondi, and Rochelle Goldberg.

By Alejandro Ruelas

Nov 13, 2019

After several months on view at SFER IK Museion, Tulum’s premier destination for contemporary art, Alchemistry, the museum’s 4th exhibition, enters its final days before closing to the public.

Featuring works by Kelly Akashi, Bianca Bondi, and Rochelle Goldberg, the exhibition focuses on the transformation and sublimation characteristic of the alchemical forces underlying the artistic and human process of evolution and creation. It explores humankind’s inherent creativity by dissolving shapes, transposing matter and revealing the potential of materials. 

Each of the featured artists brings a unique perspective through groundbreaking and site-specific pieces. US-based artist Kelly Akashi unveils a constant flow of transformation operating as a metaphor for the transition from one physical or evolutionary state to another.

Paris-based South African artist Bianca Bondi’s work explores matter’s potential of transformation through an instinctive alchemical process resulting in the mutation or even dissolution of her creations. Translucent cloaks and crystal networks illustrate a vision of materials as fluid entities that invite us to enter a higher state of consciousness. 

Canadian artist Rochelle Goldberg introduces a mythological component into the alchemical research deployed inside of SFER IK’s meandering space, where awe-inspiring masks and demiurgic figures made of ceramic that merge the four elements of earth, water, fire, and air.

The work of these world-renowned artists has been on display for several months at SFER IK Tulum’s exhibition. Alchemistry will close in the next few days to give way to preparation works for a new exhibition cycle soon to be announced.

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