Traveling can change the world for the better

On World Tourism Day, we think about the history of our beloved Tulum and the positive impact of travel in the modern world.

By Alejandro Ruelas

Sep 26, 2019

Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. Over the last six decades, it has experienced rapid and uninterrupted growth all over the planet. This has not only encouraged a new way of approaching travel, but also created opportunities for many and allowed more people to discover magical places like our beloved Tulum.

World Tourism Day is commemorated each year on September 27th. It’s purpose is to raise awareness of the potential and positive impact tourism has on many areas of the world’s development. This year, the United Nations has decided to celebrate on the topic “Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all”. 

Photo by Tanja Cotoaga on Unsplash.

Tourism accounts for 10 percent of jobs worldwide. This is mostly a consequence of growing economies and the improvement of life conditions around the globe. Middle classes are expanding, holidays are recognized in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and transport is now more accessible. Thus, we are traveling more than ever. 

This global phenomenon is clearly seen in places like Tulum. Not long ago, it used to be a small village with a modest local economy. Today, it’s a bustling cosmopolitan town, alive with the energy and identity of people from all over the planet. More than two million people came in 2018 to enjoy its unique tropical vibe, beautiful beaches, and enchanting atmosphere. 

In 2015, Tulum was recognized as one of Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos (Magical Villages). These villages are some of the country’s most charming destinations, chosen for their unique architecture, landscape, culture, and history. Furthermore, they offer intimate travel experiences that are impossible to find in large cities. 

Tulum is now one of Mexico’s most popular destinations. Consequently, thousands of jobs have been created, attracting people from all over the country to work in its thriving industry. Its lush nature, captivating personality, and the travel possibilities it offers make it ideal for new ventures. 

According to the UN’s Sustainable Development goals, “new policies are needed to maximize tourism’s potential to create more and better jobs”. A  well-managed tourist sector could significantly contribute to sustainable development over the next few decades. Tulum is shaping up to be the perfect place to put this philosophy into practice. 

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